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Conclude SCIoTeM Smart City, Internet of Things e Mobilità- HACKATHON 2020

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The event “SCIoTeM Smart City, Internet of Things e Mobilità- HACKATHON 2020” ended on February the 21st. The initiative, realized […]


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SCIoTeM: Smart City, Internet of Things e Mobilità – HACKATHON 2020 [IT] Una splendida iniziativa fra Modena e Mantova, e […]

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Claudio Scordino Seminar

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Last Monday it was a pleasure to host here once again our colleagues and friends from Evidence Srl recently acquired by Huawei. Claudio Scordino told […]

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Sonja Brits Seminar

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Last Friday we had the pleasure to host Sonja Brits in our university and lab. She held a presentation on “Autonomous racing […]

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HiPeRT @ Embedded World Conference 2019

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At the upcoming Embedded World Conference, one of the most important exhibition and conference on industrial development on embedded systems, […]

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Paper presented @ ICIIP 2019 in Waknaghat, India

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Last week Giorgia Franchini presented her paper “Stochastic Floyd-Steinberg Dithering on GPU: image Quality and Processing Time Improved” at the Fifth International […]

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Rodolfo Pellizoni Seminar

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Two weeks ago Rodolfo Pellizzoni visited our lab and held a seminar titled “Automated Compilation for the Predictable Execution Model”. He explained […]

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HiPeRT Hardware in the loop simulator @ ESWEEK19

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HiPeRT-Lab‘s HiL simulation of our Autonomous Driving stack running on Erika RTOS+Linux on NVIDIA TX2 at Embedded World 2019. Thanks […]

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HiPeRT wins F/10 race in NYC!!

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Oh, it looks like we won the last F1/10th race in NYC :D! Congratulations to the team composed of Ayoub Raji, Gianluca […]

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Video of F1/10 rehearsals

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Students are getting ready to participate to the upcoming hashtag#F1tenth autonomous driving challenge, taking place next week at hashtag#ESWEEK2019 in […]

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